Nikos N. Georgiadis was born in Ampelokipi of Kastoria, in Greece.

In 1998, while he was already repairing musical instruments, studied for three years at School of Constructing and Studying Traditional Musical Instruments at the Byzantine Art Center of Kastoria (under the shield of Culture Ministry and Municipality of Kastoria).

He graduated in 2001 with a diploma of a Luthier.

He worked as a Piano Technician, tuning and rebuilding classic pianos in Thessaloniki.

He came back in Kastoria to work as a Teacher assistant at the school in which he had studied.

In 2004 created his own workshop, where he hand-makes keyed and stringed musical instruments in Ampelokipi of Kastoria

Nikos N. Georgiadis

Ampelokipi Kastoria, Greece

Tel. 0030 6972 81 34 72

Site: www.burningtree.gr

e-mail: burningtree@cyta.gr